Real Estate Advertising - Virtual Home Tours Program

Your Successful Selling Plan

You must let people know about a home or real estate for sale in order to sell it. Since 68% of North Americans now use the Internet, it has become the most efficient way to gain the exposure you need. Researching major purchase decisions is one of the most popular online activities so if a property is not online, you’re missing a crucial opportunity.

Since each Mouse House Tour can be seen and indexed by the search engines, you have a distinct advantage in getting the property for sale in front of prospects. Not only can searchers find tours on the Mouse House Tour web site but they also find them listed in the search results of search engines.

Then with unlimited pictures and descriptions a Mouse House Tour can showcase property in the most appealing way. Having been able to review all the details, those who contact you will be serious buyers.

Detailed virtual home tours are the ideal way to gain exposure to highly qualified buyers. Here’s how it works: The virtual home tour 1) gets your real estate in front of multitudes of people without any extra effort from you, and 2) allows people to make an initial decision because they’ve already reviewed all the details—so the buyers who contact you will be highly qualified. All you need to do is close the sale.

Here are some basic steps we recommend to maximize your sales potential:

Step 1

Choose a Plan
Depending upon the number of properties you have to sell, choose the Plan that’s right for you.  

Step 2

Set up a Virtual Home Tour
Sign in to set up your tour(s). The more pictures and details you include, the more people will find you in search engines and the closer they will be to buying when they contact you. The tour only goes online when you set it to, so you can take your time to get it just right.

Only after you are completely satisfied, post your virtual home tour by clicking the ONLINE button. Then your tour will be set for searchers to see.

Step 3

Advertise in the Classifieds
Serious buyers read the real estate classified ads in area newspapers where they plan to buy so you can bring even more prospects straight to your home tour by advertising there. Since you don't need as many ad lines as would normally be required, you can save more money on advertising costs! Note that the sole purpose of your ad is to direct readers to the Mouse House Tour, not give details about your house. A well-done Mouse House Tour will show and sell property far better than words.

These examples show the kind of classified ad that will get people to your tour.

House For Sale - View Online
Tour ID 2852 - Oak View Drive
Tour ID 2852. House for sale.
Virtual Tour Online

Step 4

 Advertise with Yard Signs
Capture drive-by prospects with a sign in the yard that directs buyers to the Tour ID at We offer attractive Yard Signs that can help you get local buyers to see your virtual home tours, and then contact you.

Step 5

Get ready to make a sale!